When I met with Mr. Peet first I was initially skeptical about what he said could be achieved.  He explained all the options I had and explained all costs and risks.  During this consultation I became more comfortable as Mr. Peet was empathetic and even had a smile on my face.  Over the several weeks we worked together he had a clear and concise strategy for my whole picture.  The result was amazing!  My debt load was about $66,000 and now it is reduced to $21,000 and I have up to 5 years to pay it back interest free.  

Since my deal has been finalized I have continued to use his after care services to get a manageable budget in place and understanding the credit system with his educational and informative tools.  This in turn will lead to a successful credit recovery. Thanks Charlie for a return to reality and help to live without debt!

Respectively, William W.