Charlie Peet of 4 Pillars Consulting Group is Debt Free in BC's preferred partner in the Okanagan. Since 2002, individuals, families, and businesses have utilized Charlie's services to help relieve their stress, reduce their debt, and obtain financial freedom. Charlie's knowledge and experience in debt matters has helped his clients reduce their debt by as much as 80%.

When people are drowning in debt they often believe that bankruptcy is their only option. In a free no obligation consultation, Charlie informs people who are experiencing financial crisis what all of their debt relief options are. In most cases people are able to avoid bankruptcy, and their reduced debt is consolidated into one affordable monthly payment.

Individuals are often overwhelmed with all of the advertisements for Credit Counselling, Debt Consolidation, Debt Reduction, and Bankruptcy Trustees. With an A+ Better Business Bureau rating, and successful completion of the Insolvency Counsellor's Qualification Course, you can be assured that Charlie Peet will provide you with all the information required to make an informed decision about your finances. Debt settlement solutions enable individuals to be debt free, and regain financial stability much sooner than they thought possible.

Charlie is Okanagan's Debt Specialist. He provides his clients with budgeting assistance, and teaches them how to effectively build, use and re-establish their credit. Charlie is the only debt specialist in the Okanagan who represents you and not your creditors.

Charlie is extremely passionate about providing financial literacy education in his community. Charlie volunteers with community groups such as NOW Canada, presenting a series of seminars covering topics including budgeting, financial goal setting, and how credit works. Charlie offers free seminars to community groups, church groups, and the general public, teaching financial literacy, and what options they may have to relieve the burden of their debt for a fresh start. 

In the local business community Charlie is viewed as an expert in the credit and debt industry. He receives frequent requests for speaking engagements from a variety of businesses who wish to educate staff and clients on financial literacy, debt, and credit matters. His years of experience are a valuable resource to business professionals, who are appreciative that they can contact Charlie when they are seeking debt or credit advice for their clients.