We met with Mr. Peet, on first impression he seemed open and honest, even down home. Not stuffy or business like, no business suit either, very comfortable feeling.

As I explained more in depth information of my mother’s situation he listened patiently and assured us everything will be fine, not to worry, as the consult continued he suggested and gave us what I thought was very good and sound advice that suited my mother’s situation. He made us laugh and that made us feel at ease. Near the end of the consult I asked how much this meeting cost, Mr. Peet said no charge I was shocked and surprised. This person is really nice, he obviously cares about the people he consults. 

This letter is to let you know that Mr. Peet seemed to be a genuine, honest, caring individual who listens to the situation and advises what is best for that person. He also goes out of his way to help anyway he can without asking for reimbursement for travel or gas.

Anyone who hires him or uses his consult company will be impressed I know I am and will certainly suggest him to other people.  I sure hope that Mr. Peet stays true to his character and show’s people his true colors, a caring, honest individual, god bless you Mr. Peet.

Mrs. C Scheffel