Accessing and Understanding Today's Credit System for Entrepreneurs; or How the banks actually think and work if you are self employed


This session will be of interest to individuals and anyone with a new business or fist time entrepreneurs. There would be benefits for seasoned entrepreneurs looking for insight into today's complex credit system. 

This session will cover:

Introduction to the workings of the credit system with an explanation of Equifax, Transunion rating system as well as Beacon scoring.

  •            How to manage your credit score.
  •            What is your banker looking for.
  •            How to access credit without a business plan.
  •            How credit ratings and debt differ for corporations.
  •            What is a debt management plan and why you need one.
  •            Insolvency planning.
  •            The true value of any asset.
  •            Best and worst of the creditors; who you don't want to owe money to.
  •            Budgeting and achieving financial goals. 

Charlie Peet and 4 Pillars have been providing debt consulting services to individuals, families and business of the Okanagan for over 10 years. With the 4 Pillars process and Charlie's vast knowledge of the credit system people can achieve the debt reduction and credit rebuilding goals. They also provide education and training for budgeting programs and financial goal setting.

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